Creation of Human 2.0

Creation of Human 2.0  on exhibition at the Art Academy London 11-14 July 2019

Creation of Human 2.0 on exhibition at the Art Academy London 11-14 July 2019


In the 1960s, the longstanding domination of the Catholic Church over French Canadians ‎was dissolved almost overnight. Last month, my Quebec government tabled a controversial secularism bill to ensure the religious neutrality of the state. The Quiet Revolution, while personal to my ‎history, is hardly unique. Humanism, informed by science, has been replacing religion in Western democracies for quite some time.  However, with today's technology evolving at a greater pace than we are able to adapt to, many believe a new and more defining change is occurring. Yuval Noah Harari in his book Homo Deus suggests that Dataism – or the Internet-of-things – is positioned to oust the well-anchored belief in the individual.  Indeed, we may already be praying to the algorithm overlord.

Coming from a technical background as a naval engineer, and having worked with and programmed cutting-edge technology, I am fascinated with the impact that mass-produced electronics and communication tools have on people.  I couldn’t help wonder how a prominent figurative painter of the past might approach this context.

 Creation of Human 2.0 repurposes Michelangelo’s seminal religious image Creation of Adam to reflect the modern techno-social dilemma.  Religious artefacts and other objects are arranged to immerse the viewer in the pivotal moment of mankind’s history in which we find ourselves.  My self devised composition, Cincinnatus depicts the whistleblower as an enlightening witness.

 I’m inviting the viewer to participate in this debate through the symbolic donation of free data - the business card - as a gesture designed to question that which we give away so freely. The resulting body of work is an attempt to instigate critical thinking and debate over our collective adaptation and deference to technology. Are we relinquishing our humanity for the convenience of a connected world?

(More pictures coming soon)